The Ethics Of… Priorities (Farewell, for now)

Five years and 27 days ago, I gathered my courage, sat down at my parents kitchen table and wrote the first ever article posted to The Ethics Of. Looking back at that article now one thing is very clear to me: it wasn’t very good.

Oh it wasn’t terrible. It’s kinda fun to read, hits a lot of the pertinent points (so to speak) and had a solid crack at finding a constructive way forward for all parties, but when you get down to it, it’s just kinda meh. No solid underlying ethical foundation, nowhere near enough research or links to research to back up the point made, and worst of all, a cop-out ‘both sides have work to do’ conclusion that basically tried to avoid having to take a solid stance in a pointless attempt to avoid pissing anyone off, in an article deliberately intended to have a go at how people conduct themselves.

Image result for cartoon compromise black lives KKK

Tactics which get you the opposite of what you were aiming for are a nice definition for ‘unethical’. Also, stupid.

But despite all that, I love this article. In fact I love it because it’s so flawed. Because that means I’ve improved.

It’s kind of an irony that in helping me improve my writing, this blog has led to its own demise – a few months ago I was contacted by a publisher who had found the blog, and asked me to pitch a book on ethics. I did so, was successful, was very pleased with myself… then realised I have to write a book.

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To keep a long story short, after 5 years of ranting on virtually every topic under the sun for the interest and entertainment of at least a dozen people, The Ethics Of is going onto indefinite hiatus. It’s time to step up my game in the world of ethics and that means generating content that’s slightly more focused than my recent rant about small plastic toys (which, ironically enough, got me some rather nasty hatemail, lol).

Going forward I’ll be leaning hard into two major projects:

  • The book. Entitled ‘Power and the Professional’, to be completed in July 2019 and released to the US and Australia markets after we fix all the spelling and grammar. So mid-2025 or something like that. It’s a new take on the question of power; what it is, how it works, and what that means for anyone in a professional environment – though I dare say it’ll have plenty of value for virtually any application, ranging from federal politics to dealing with shitty housemates.
  • The consulting. Ethilogical is picking up and is lining up to make professional ethics a major factor in a local government, professional association, and corporation near you! I’ll be posting regular articles on professional topics over there, so hit me up if you have a topic suggestion or question. Always happy to discuss problems any time – first taste is free, so come on over for a chat.
  • The ranting. What, you thought that was going to stop? Nah kid, I’ll still be on facebook to vent my spleen whenever someone does something stupid and/or fascinating, so stay tuned.

I want to say thanks to everyone who ever read any of these posts. Thanks to those who liked them and encouraged me to continue. Thanks to those who didn’t, and encouraged me to improve. And thanks to those who just showed up – the up-ticks in the hit-counter were surprisingly motivating!

The blog is staying up, pretty much indefinitely, so come back any time. The Ethics Of is by no means dead! I’ll pop back on occasion whenever something absolutely has to be said. One of the great benefits of this blog was that it kept my in-person ranting to a minimum, so my friends and family may end up forcing me to re-start the thing soon enough!

Cheers all! Here’s to new ventures.


PS: Here are a few of my favourite articles over the years for your enjoyment:


6 thoughts on “The Ethics Of… Priorities (Farewell, for now)

  1. That’s such great news, and in no way surprise. You do an excellent job arguing both sides, and bringing humor into your writing that I have always enjoyed reading your articles and am thankful for the thoughts they have provoked along the way. Ultimately it’s probably a good thing that you are taking on a new writing project. Not that there aren’t more ethics issues to tackle, but I think that having a new focus and writing a longer piece of prose will help you think about things in a different way than writing these blog pieces has been because even if your book is to cover numerous topics you have covered here, you will be also trying to string a thread to it all and that can be illuminating in itself. Please announce on here when it is ready to purchase. I would love to be one of the first to buy it. Good luck in the process and I would also enjoy a blog post with some reflection on the writing process itself when you’ve finished. Cheers mate!

    • Thanks as always Swarn! Greatly appreciate all your comments and contributions to the blog over the years. I will definitely make sure I let you know when the book is released – as it happens my contract is with a US-based publisher, so it may end up being more relevant to you than you might expect! Best of luck with all your endeavours – I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog as always.

  2. Yo Gordon, congratulations!
    I’m one of the various students who took your 4 week class on ethics in the industrial design course at RMIT a couple of years ago. I’d like to say that while I wasn’t necessarily the best student, what you taught us in that time left a lasting impression. Having a logical methodology for processing inevitably complex ethical problems is invaluable, even as much as I may forget to consider it carefully.. hahah. I try!
    The blog has been great fun to read. Wishing you all the best with your book – I’ll be looking for the good news in July.

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