What is this website and why should you care?

Good questions. Since you asked, let me write a small thesis on the subject drawing on a variety of outdated theoretic traditions, complex conceptual structures and references to academic journals behind pay-walls which you can’t access, in prose a tax lawyer would choke on, that still somehow completely fails to answer your question.

This website is about not doing that.


Ethics is about figuring out what is right and why it’s right.

Ethics is about taking your opinions and beliefs and testing them against the evidence.

And most importantly, ethics is about YOU. Because whether they know it or not, everyone is an ethicist.

4 thoughts on “Why?

    • Hey Killcuriositydead! Thanks for following me and thanks for the compliment! Hopefully I live up to it. Love your blog as well – the bucket list in particular was a great read.

  1. “…references to academic journals behind pay-walls”

    Reminds of Aaron Swartz, poor fellow.

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