It would be fairly ridiculous for a website about ethics to fail to keep itself accountable. As such, I have a pretty simple, but pretty rigorous referencing policy:

  1. P. Referencing

    Business dog approved.

    Any and all factual claims will be backed up with a reference (usually a hyperlink in text). Just for kicks, I’ll almost always throw in a hyperlink when I refer to any event, organisation or…well anything factual.

  2. If the linked reference is poor quality, unfairly biased, debatable or just flat out wrong, call me out on it via the comments or a direct email to Reasonable criticisms will be taken seriously and superior sources found – the case best supported by credible references wins.
  3. Ditto with the reasoning. Spotted a rhetorical fallacy? Call me out on it and we can review it.
  4. If I’m called out on faulty reasoning or bad sources and I got it wrong, the article gets changed. Revisions get made in red in addition to the original text – nothing gets deleted or altered on the sly (except for spelling and grammar issues of which there will be rather a few).

In return for this accountability, there’s a zero tolerance policy for being ill-mannered on this blog. First offense gets a polite request to shape up. Second offense gets a hammer-ban. Subsequent offenses get the ruffian in question a personalised ethical analysis that will invert their genitals. Those who think this constitutes censorship or some other transgression against their right to free speech, are advised to read more of the posts – I have some rather specific opinions on that issue.

Questions? Criticisms? Hate mail? Bring it. Contact me at

One thought on “Referencing

  1. Hi there, I am trying to figure out the best way to reference you in a paper I am writing for an Applied Ethics class. I am not seeing your name anywhere. I could just reference your page but thought I would check with you as for a name or how you would like to be referenced. Thank you, Tara

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