Israel-Gaza Rant Circa – August 2014 – Here we are again, again!

So far I have stayed the hell away from the Israel/Palestine conflict that’s happening at the moment, not because it’s not stuffed full of ethical issues (it most certainly is) but because I don’t know nearly enough about what’s actually happening, why, and who I can trust for that information (though this sort of ignorance hasn’t stopped about 80% of other commentators on the topic).

This analysis on the other hand is pretty damn well-rounded, comes from a source on the ground who admits the limits of their knowledge, and most persuasively, doesn’t automatically take sides. Well worth a read for those trying to sort out what the hell is going on over there at the moment, and who, if anyone, is in the right.

Will Not Be Shut Up

Black_300 Dark days.


I haven’t really said much about the latest round of Gaza-Israel hostilities but after a number of questions (and arguments!) about the conflict over the last few weeks, I feel a need to state my piece (peace!). My viewpoints have been established after spending about seven out of the last eighteen years living in Israel, some of which as a journalist, and most of my life obsessed with the region. To be clear, I identify as a left-wing Australian Israeli. Meaning that on the political spectrum I am most closely aligned with the Greens in Australia and the social democratic Meretz in Israel (check out their stated principles for where I stand (more or less) on Israel here). I am also a pragmatist.

In reality this means that I am a firm believer that the only way to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is…

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