The Ethics Of… Marking Uni Assignments

Aka: the reason why I’m missing my post this fortnight. Turns out trying to cram the marking of 76 essays into the two days before you fly overseas for a wedding, AND write an article on top of that, is just a tad unrealistic. I’ll be back in three weeks with Part 2 if the Resistance article. Of course if I’m not, feel free to assume The Man got to me or whatever.

2 thoughts on “The Ethics Of… Marking Uni Assignments

  1. Undue influence and manipulation arises “when prospective participants are recruited by individuals in a position of authority” (TCPS2, p. 28). Influence as a result of a power relationship such as that of a teacher or professor and their students is one that requires careful consideration and scrutiny especially when the professor or teaching assistant is also a researcher wanting their students to become their study participants. “The influence of power relationships on voluntariness of consent should be judged from the perspective of prospective participants, since individuals being recruited may feel constrained to follow the wishes of those who have some form of control over them” (TCPS2, p. 28).

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