The Ethics Of… Starting a Small Business

Late last year I promised a surprise for 2017… and have thus far failed to deliver. But no more! Gape in wonder as I cast aside caution and throw myself into the gaping maw of small business ownership!

So for a while I’ve been quietly working on taking the bluster of this blog and distilling it down into a tighter, shinier and generally more useful organisation: Ethilogical Consulting.


Broadly speaking Ethilogical is about helping organisations and individuals make better quality decision using ethical frameworks. We help you figure out what your personal values are, what it is you’re actually trying to achieve with your work and whether what you do day-to-day is aligned with that or not. We help you identify, solve and prevent problems that you are too close to see, and of course, we provide training. Because I already do quite a bit of that and figured I might as well get paid for it.

And thus begins my descent into corruption, despotism and insanity

So what does that mean for The Ethics Of? Well for starters I’ll be spending half my time writing more professional stuff now, so we’ll be down to posts every two weeks on here. Sad, I know, but I’ll make sure to cross-post from the Ethilogical site, so you’ll have plenty of dry corporate-speak to laugh at every second week. And knowing me, that will likely make the articles I do write for The Ethics Of all the more juicy by way of reaction. Gotta vent that bile somehow.

I the meantime if you want to check out the business, head over to and let me know your thoughts! 10 points for anyone who finds a spelling/grammar error. Christ knows there’ll be a few lurking in there. And as always, hit me up with any requests you have for topics for either site. You can reach me at or

8 thoughts on “The Ethics Of… Starting a Small Business

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  2. Well somehow I had missed a bunch of your posts and decided to just go to your page and see what had become of you! lol I am glad this is what has become of you. It sounds fantastic. I was listening to Sam Harris podcast interview a few weeks ago with William Macaskill and it sounds like you are embarking along a similar journey, which would easily make you another hero in my eyes. I look forward to updates on how your small business is going!

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